Croquet Pre-season Meeting

Just to thank those of you who were able to attend yesterday’s croquet pre-season meeting and for those of you who couldn’t come, a brief update on what was discussed.
Under the direction of Joan a very nice Ploughman’s lunch was served followed by her delicious fruit crumble and custard.
Harry was then presented with the Silver spoon as the winner of the Club Association Tournament which was held at the end of last season.

Harry & Pam

Roy talked briefly about the fact that the GC handicap system has changed (again!) and that he will be updating members’ cards where necessary. The main changes are that the overall calibration now extends from -5 to +20 which means that the indexes for trigger points will alter. The majority of members will not really be affected.

An extra team has been entered in the Level Play league this year and the Doubles and Handicap League entries continue as before. A nucleus of about 12 – 15 players will be needed as the Level play team players are not interchangeable. Their first match of the season has to be between the two Ryde teams and is likely to be in May. The calendars on the Club website show the dates of the matches and tournaments fixed so far and others will be added when confirmed. There is a general club calendar and also one in the Croquet section which shows mainly croquet related events and is less congested.

Anyone who would be interested in playing in matches, please let Roy, Stuart or Vernon know if you have not already done so. Less experienced players with higher handicaps may want to play this year and gain experience. It is (mostly!) great fun.

There are a number of events during the year when both tennis and croquet mainland clubs will be visiting us which means that on these occasions the club house may be quite congested .As usual please try and work with other members who are preparing food etc and if necessary move croquet teas outside.

Thanks to Vernon who has done a tremendous amount of work over the winter in the croquet shed and has made a holder for all the mallets and also produced peg and clip holders for each lawn, devices to help with hoop setting as well as a number of other very smart accessories to be used in the mix-ins.

Some corporate events have already been arranged. Help with catering will be very welcome. Please contact Joan if you are available.
It is planned to mark the lawns and hoop positions over the next week (weather permitting) and play on the grass tennis courts will then cease so that they can be made ready for the tennis season.

We tried singles croquet last year with not many attendees. Those present requested we try again this year. Last year we played on Thursday morning at 11.30 (not Tuesday as I said yesterday). If anyone has any strong reasons for preferring one day over another, please let me know.

There are still a couple of empty lockers available in the Ladies changing room. Let me know if you would like the use of one.

Isle be Active adverts for croquet lessons will be coming out soon. This year we hope to integrate applicants into the mix-ins at an earlier stage, enabling them to hone their skills whilst playing actual games.


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