Tennis Ladder Rules

Mixed Singles League

For 2017 we will be trialling a league system for the mixed singles instead of a ladder.

Each of the upper leagues will have 5 members and the bottom two leagues will have 4, 5 or 6 members. The matches in each league will be in a round-robin format so that each member plays everybody else in that league. Each league session will last two months (March 1st to April 31st, then May 1st to Jun 30th and so on). Matches should be played as two tie-break sets with a championship tie-break where necessary. For each match players will receive 2 points for playing, 1 point per set won (including championship tie-break) and 1 point for winning the match. At the end of each two-month session, the top two players in each league will be promoted to the next higher league and the bottom two players will be demoted to the next lower league.

Ladies’ Singles and all Doubles Ladders

The Ladies’ Singles, Ladies’ Doubles, Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles for 2017 will continue as per the previous ladder system.

Ladder members may challenge members up to 3 places higher (plus any intervening time-outs) on the ladder. The challenger should contact the opponent to make the challenge and to arrange the game. The challenger may not make other challenges until the outcome of the existing challenge is completed. The challenger is to provide the tennis balls. Matches should be played as two tie-break sets with a championship tie-break where necessary. If the challenge is successful then the challenger and opponent exchange places on the ladder. Once a match has been completed neither the challenger or the opponent may challenge each other for the next 10 days.

To allow for holidays, injury or illness, members may take a time-out from the ladder. During a time-out, a member may not challenge or be challenged and the member’s ladder position is preserved. Time-outs last for a maximum of two weeks and a further time-out cannot be taken for the next four weeks after the end of the time-out.

League and Ladder details

All match results should be sent to David Ford as soon as possible. Match results and league/ladder positions will be made available via a regular email to all ladder members, updates on the website and the club noticeboard.

This is only a summary of the full league/ladder rules, available from the organiser David Ford on request. For further details or to join the league/ladders please contact David by email at

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