Croquet Byelaws

R.L.T.C.C. Croquet Guidance and Etiquette

  1. Private Play is permitted at any time during daylight hours unless a club mix-in, tournament or match is taking place or work is being done on the lawns.
  2. Flat soled footwear must be worn when walking or playing on the lawns.
  3. Predominately white clothing should be worn for croquet matches and tournaments unless agreed otherwise.
  4. Members are responsible for setting out the hoops correctly, as indicated on the board in the Croquet shed, which indicates which hoop holes should be used
  5. After play all equipment must be returned to the croquet shed, the shed securely locked and the key returned to the appropriate hook in the clubhouse.
  6. The last person to leave the clubhouse should also ensure that lights are switched off, heaters are checked and the outside door is securely locked.
  7. If a member resigns from the club, the clubhouse key (which can be obtained for a deposit of £10.00) must be returned to the Croquet secretary or other croquet committee member.
  8. Care should be taken when playing to minimise the risk of injury to oneself or other players or spectators.
  9. Be aware of other players during games, especially when double banked, and take care not to move in the line of sight when players are taking aim, whether as a player or a spectator.
  10. Members’ guests should be accompanied by the member at all times and their name should be entered in the Visitors’ Book and the appropriate green fee paid.
  11. Prospective croquet members are entitled to three free visits to try the game and at the end of that time should pay a membership fee. During the latter part of the season and after specially arranged coaching courses a reduced membership fee may be applicable.
  12. Most activities of the Club are run by volunteer unpaid members. All members are encouraged to assist in the running of the Club in one way or another, e.g. work-ins, catering help, grounds maintenance, committee work etc.