Learning to Play Croquet

Croquet is a fun, easy to learn activity which provides social interaction and gentle exercise. Both Association and Golf Croquet can be played at many levels.

Introductory croquet courses are arranged for newcomers during the playing season, with all equipment provided, and after completion of a course, the first year’s subscription to the club is at a reduced rate.

Ongoing coaching help for members is available, both formally and informally, and newcomers are made welcome at our regular mix-in sessions.

Many different types of croquet mallets are available, being made in various different shapes, materials and weights. The Croquet Association has a lot of useful advice as does the Oxford Croquet website and club members are happy to give advice before a purchase is made. There are a number of different UK makers and overseas manufacturers.  Peter Coward in South Africa, produces very competitively priced mallets similar to those previously made by John Hobbs. An extensive list of suppliers may be found here.

Throughout the summer months we are also happy to host croquet afternoons  for clubs, work colleagues or groups of friends. Equipment and instructors are provided, and you may wish to combine this visit with afternoon tea.

For further details of croquet coaching courses or how to book a croquet  afternoon contact us here.