Tennis Ladder Rules

1 Weekly ladder lists and ladder details

1.1 Weekly ladder list

The ladder positions will be updated each week. The ladders and each week’s results will be made available to all members via –

  • A weekly email to all Ladder members
  • The RLTCC website
  • Tennis Club notice board
  • Email
  • Text request to 07879 401020

1.2 The ladder details

The details include the Ladder Member’s name, their ladder position, email address and telephone contact number and if applicable, any ‘Time Out’ date details. A Ladder Member may, for particular reason (eg holidays, injury or illness), wish to take ‘Time Out’ from the ladder. A ‘Time Out’ is for a maximum of 2 weeks when the Ladder Member’s position is placed in a ‘Preserved’ Status. When a ‘Time Out ‘ends –

  • The Member’s ladder position is released
  • The normal process challenges should continue
  • The Ladder member may not take another ‘Time out’ for the following 4 weeks

Member wishing to have a ‘Time Out’ should do so, giving requested ‘Time Out’ dates, by –

  • email or
  • via Text or phone on 07879401020

2 Challenges

2.1 Challenger responsibility

Ladder members can challenge other ladder members up to 3 (plus the number of Time out’ members) ladder position above themselves. ‘The Challenger’ should contact ‘The Opponent’ (ie the person being challenged) to make the challenge and to arrange the game. The challenger may not make other challenges until the outcome of the existing challenge is completed. The challenger is to provide the tennis balls.

2.2 Opponent responsibilities

Unless ‘The Opponent’ is in ‘Time Out’ status then ‘The Opponent’ should accept the challenge and games should be played within 10 days of the challenge, after which the challenge will be deemed to have been successful. If ‘The Opponent’ has already accepted a challenge or made a challenge which has been accepted then ‘The Opponent’ should not accept a challenge until ‘The Opponent’s’ match result is known, in which case ‘The Challenger’ may wish to withdraw their challenge, or agree with ‘The Opponent’ to place the challenge ‘on hold’. If the challenge is placed ‘on hold’, when ‘The Opponent’s’ match result is known and ‘The Opponent’ has lost the match, ‘The Opponent’ should then accept the challenge which had been placed ‘on hold’.

2.3 Challenger and Opponent responsibility

Once a match has been completed neither the challenger or their Opponent may challenge each other for the next 10 days.

3 The match

The match should be 2 sets each with a set tie break if required. In the event of a 1 set each result a match tie break should be played to decide the winner, however if both players agree a 3rd set may be played to decide the result.

4 Results

The challenger should ensure that all agreed challenges,  match dates and results are sent to –

  • email or
  • via text or phone on 07879401020

5 Ladder position changes

If a challenge is successful the challenger and the opponent exchange ladder positions.